Luca Licciardi   ︎   Visual Designer
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     Visual designer based in Milan, IT 🇮🇹

Luca Licciardi is intrigued by the worlds of the abstract and the surreal. His looks to programming languages, generative art, video installations, natural landscapes and everything that radiates light for inspiration.

He is not painstakingly precise; in fact his mistakes during his process as a visual artist give life and often provide new ideas for his projects.

As a child he admired Hipgnosis’ artworks and Kandinsky’s paintings. Later, he discovered ‘90s techno music and the era’s particular brand of album cover-art (see: Jeff Mills) and the 3D digital advertisements of the early 2000s.

His vision as an artist is an extension of his unrestricted imagination and it’s populated by numerous shapes to be discerned.

His design method is strictly technological, informed by data and numbers rather than sketches or attempts. His animations and images are crafted utilizing the specific parameters of the materials and mediums he is working in, often turning them into something new entirely.

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